It is important to understand today’s evolving techniques in order to choose the most adequate solution within the business requirements. Moreover, ECC Consultancy explores how to move beyond traditional boundaries and ensure all facets of customers’ service needs and experiences are being met. Also when corporate resources are used remotely.

Unified communications, IPv6, Datacenter Consolidation, IoT, Cloud Computing, and Software Defined Networking is constantly in the news! But how could your organization benefit from these innovative technologies? Does it comply with the industrial regulations and vendor best practices as well as corporate policies? What impact does it have on your process automation?

it is apparent that a multitude of technologies must be involved to deliver continuous cost-optimization to the business and clearly demonstrate a streamlined service.  ECC Consultancy has certified Subject Matter Experts on a various set of area’s.

Cyber Security Services

Cybersecurity is a core business requirement, providing a secure foundation to transform your enterprise and support your business.With the growth in cyberattacks and data breaches costing business and the public sector millions every year, cybersecurity is high on the strategic agenda.

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Security Testing Services

ECC tests your defenses and provide deep expertise with regard to security monitoring and incident response, so that you are prepared when a real incident hits your organization.

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Cloud and Datacenter Transformation

Cloud migration is complex and the process has to be customized to the needs of the individual organization. You will need a cloud migration strategy that ensures the least disruption to services and addresses both your short-term and long-term organizational goals.

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Unified Communication & Collaboration 

The complexity of communications and collaboration within business environments has grown exponentially over the last decade. Unified Communications is the integration of communication services including IP Telephony, mobility, and web and video conferencing to meet the demands for faster communication and more personal collaboration.

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Software Defined Networking (SDN)

Over the past few years, Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV), has been a key buzz in the computer networking/IT industry

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