Quality and Security (Audits)

With ECC we understand that you want your organization to maintain the highest standards, which is why your organization should carry out audits, inspections, qualitative and quantitative assessments as part of an internal quality assurance programme.

These processes are often complex and time consuming. They also require qualified persons who are experienced and capable of conducting audits of recruitment and training standards, security procedures, implementing rectification programmes, contingency planning, reviewing regulatory requirements and associated documents. This is where ECC Consultancy can help you, we offer the following compliance management services:

  • (Security) Risk Mitigation
  • Performance monitoring and mentoring
  • Security Standards and Policies
  • Quality AssuranceAudit
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Security Management Systems
  • ISO/IEC 27001 Certification

The concepts of quality assurance and audits are two distinct ideas that serve the same purpose: improving quality, consistency and reliability in operations. Quality assurance is more of an abstract concept, which can be manifested through a number of operational policies and systems. Audits are more specific. They are systematic investigations of a specific area of operations. ECC Consultancy can provide your corporation with quality assurance and auditing services, helping you to carry out audits, inspections and assessments. We can help you improve in areas where you might be lacking, thanks to our qualified team of auditors who can review recruitment and training standards and security procedures, whilst also helping to implement rectification programs, and contingency planning.

Quality Assurance Audits

Quality assurance audits dig deep to investigate all aspects of the systems a company has in place to ensure consistent and reliable product/project/process quality. Quality assurance audits review the official lines of authority put in place to drive Q/A initiatives, the systems put in place to continually drive product quality higher and the monitoring systems used to review the effectiveness of Q/A efforts. The main task of Q/A audits is to judge how effective a Q/A program is at identifying and reducing mistakes and to provide guidance for improving Q/A efforts.

Compliance Management

Compliance management can range from a single aspect of a process or location within a terminal through to holistic (top down) compliance management of the entire security requirements of an organization or operations.